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Who We Are

Renal Nework 11 Headquarters

The Renal Network of the Upper Midwest, Inc., is a private, nonprofit organization founded to improve care for patients with end stage renal disease ESRD. Established in 1978, the Renal Network of the Upper Midwest, Inc. (ESRD Network 11) is one of 18 regional ESRD Networks in the United States.

ESRD Network 11 includes Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. In this region, there are 455 renal dialysis providers and 21 renal transplant centers serving 44,055 people with kidney failure as of 01/01/2013.


The purpose of the Renal Network of the Upper Midwest is to assess and improve the quality of care provided to individuals with end stage renal disease.

Federal Regulations

ESRD service providers that receive Medicare funding must work with ESRD Networks to support their federally-mandated mission. 'Conditions for Coverage of Suppliers of ESRD Services' are published in the Federal Register, 42 CFR Parts 405, 410, 413, 414, 488, and 494. These rules and regulations address the subjects of facility qualification requirements, certification procedures, minimal utilization rates, ESRD Networks, Coordinating Councils, and Medical Review Boards."

Get the free Acrobat Reader Federal Regulations (1.3 MB PDF document opens in a new window)

Network 11 Goals

Network 11, along with other End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Networks across the nation share the following goals:

  1. Improving the quality of health care services and quality of life for consumers of ESRD services
  2. Improving data reporting, reliability, and validity between ESRD facilities, Networks, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  3. Establishing and improving partnerships and cooperative activities among and between ESRD Networks, Peer Review Organizations, State Survey Agencies, and ESRD facilities

Full list of Network 11 goals

Network 11 Council

The Network 11 Council, comprises facility representatives from every dialysis and renal transplant facility in the region, and oversees all Network business. Membership includes nephrologists, transplant surgeons, nurses, transplant coordinators, dietitians, social workers, administrators, technicians, and patients.

The Council elects members to serve on the Executive (Board of Directors), Medical Review, and Finance Committees. Consumers elect their own Consumer Committee. These committees work collaboratively with the renal community and Network staff to accomplish our mission and goals.

Network 11 Executive Committee Members 2014-2015

Network 11 Staff

Staff members in alphabetical order:

  • Diane Carlson, Executive Director, (651) 644-9877
    Responsible for CMS contract negotiations and management, personnel management, organization policies and procedures, program administration, and finance management.
  • Jan Deane, Quality Improvement Director, (651) 644-9877
    Staffs the Medical Review Committee, manages the QI program, and coordinates clinical technical assistance and focused review activities; liaison with the State Survey Agencies.
  • Cheryl Dickhausen, Health Information Specialist, (651) 644-2911
    Serves facilities in Greater Michigan in all aspects of registry maintenance, coordinates the updating of the facility directory, coordinates the facility survey process.
  • Anna Heininger, Communications Coordinator, (651) 644-9877
    Supports the Executive Director and Network 11 departments to carry out the administrative and communications functions of the organization.
  • Tom Kysilko, Data Manager, (651) 644-2911
    Manages data activities, fulfills data requests, maintains the Website, manages the LAN, point of contact for information technology matters including security.
  • Barbara Meier, Office and Finance Coordinator, (651) 644-9877
    Coordinates finance and office operations; supports the QI and Data Teams with special projects; fulfills data requests.
  • Renae Nelson, Patient Services Coordinator, (651) 644-9877
    Staffs the Consumer Committee, processes patient and facility concerns, and contributes to consumer–focused special projects.
  • Bob Schlichenmaier, Health Information Technician, (651) 644-2911
    Serves facilities in the Detroit metropolitan area in all aspects of registry maintenance; provides IT support, Website updates, and desktop publishing.
  • Sandy Schmidt, Health Information Technician, (651) 644-2911
    Serves facilities in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota in all aspects of registry maintenance; responsible for coordinating kidney transplant data.
  • Caprice Vanderkolk, Quality Improvement Coordinator, (651) 644-9877
    Coordinates QI projects such as Fistula First, reducing Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI), analysis of facility–specific profiles, and QI workshops
  • Kristen Ward, Quality Improvement Systems Specialist, (651) 644-9877
    Collaborates with the QI team on projects including Fistula First, CPMs, unit–specific reports, first–year transplant outcomes, national lab data collection, and QI workshops.